Japan Leads for Mobile VoIP Use Among Seven Arbitron Smartphone Panels in North America, Europe and Asia

Heaviest use of mobile VoIP among Japanese and Indonesian panelists
contrasts with their lighter use of cellular network voice calling

Columbia MD; February 25, 2013&Japanese smartphone panelists are the predominant users of Voice over IP (VoIP) applications on mobile devices, according to the latest updates by Arbitron Mobile for its smartphone measurement services in seven countries around the world.

Almost 70 percent of the smartphone panelists in Japan accessed VoIP apps during the month of January, spending six hours and 25 minutes with these multi-faceted voice and messaging apps. The Arbitron Mobile on-device software meter reported that VoIP users in the Japan smartphone panel accessed their VoIP apps an average of 222 times in the month, three times more than panelists in Indonesia, who at 65.9 sessions per month are the second most active users of VoIP apps across the seven Arbitron Mobile-based smartphone panels.

41 percent of Indonesia panelists use VoIP apps on their mobile devices, spending an average of 2 hours and 15 minutes a month.

China panelists are the least active users of VoIP apps. Only 16.4 percent of the China smartphone panel (operated by iResearch) accessed any VoIP apps in the month of January.


VoIP User % VoIP Time Spent
(minutes per month)
Japan 68.2% 386.5 222.4
Indonesia 40.9% 134.9 65.9
United Kingdom 22.1% 79.2 35.1
United States 16.5% 77.6 35.6
Germany 27.0% 68.1 31.8
France 17.4% 65.2 34.3
China 16.4% 26.6 27.2

Arbitron Mobile Trends Panels™ Service, Persons 18+, January 2013
iResearch Consulting China smartphone panel, Persons 18+, January 2013

Mobile VoIP use versus carrier-based voice calling

Japanese smartphone panelists, the heaviest users of mobile VoIP, spend the least amount of time—1 hour, 36 minutes in the month—and have the fewest sessions—57.8 in the month—for carrier-based voice calls. Indonesian panelists, the second heaviest users of VoIP are the second lightest user of their carrier calling minutes.


VoIP Time Spent
(minutes per month)
Voice Call Time Spent
(minutes per month)
Japan 386.5 96.3
Indonesia 134.9 109.0
United Kingdom 79.2 242.3
United States 77.6 460.6
Germany 68.1 167.8
France 65.2 298.4
China 26.6 225.6

Arbitron Mobile Trends Panels Service, Persons 18+, January 2013
iResearch Consulting China smartphone panel, Persons 18+, January 2013

Leading VoIP apps by country panel

Three VoIP apps occupy the leading position among Arbitron smartphone panelists around the world. Skype predominates in U.S. and Europe; LINE leads in Japan and Indonesia; and Youxin is the leader in a crowded field of VoIP apps in China.


App User % App Time Spent
(minutes per month)
Number of Sessions/Month
Japan LINE 64.2% 392.3 225.7
Indonesia LINE 27.6% 156.0 79.7
United Kingdom Skype 14.4% 52.9 23.9
United States Skype 11.5% 64.1 22.5
Germany Skype 17.1% 53.1 23.1
France Skype 12.8% 44.5 19.1
China Youxin 4.7% 16.5 21.4

Arbitron Mobile Trends Panels Service, Persons 18+, January 2013
iResearch Consulting China smartphone panel, Persons 18+, January 2013

In the China smartphone panel, which has the lowest penetration of VoIP access—16.4 percent—there are ten VoIP apps that see monthly access by one percent or more of the panel. In the six other country panels, VoIP access is concentrated between two to four apps.

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